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ESPIR GLOBAL GROUP is a Polish, rapidly growing company with the brands OMBRE, EDOTI, MODONE.COM and related companies ESPIR LOGISTICS, ESPIR PHOTOGRAPHY and LUKTEX in its portfolio.
For 14 years, the company's success has been built on the OMBRE brand, available for sale online in dozens of countries. Its premise is to create a comprehensive clothing range for men. The strength of the brand lies in its consistent casual style and its wide range, which is complemented by shoes and accessories. The ESPIR brand is also joined by the EDOTI brand dedicated to both men and women. Its range also includes edoti home products. It is the perfect combination of good quality and affordability. The brands' portfolio also includes the online wholesale platform MODONE.COM with a diverse range not only of clothing for women and men, but also products for the home. Its efficient ordering system guarantees fast service and delivery to wholesale customers.
The complexity of the ESPIR offer is supplemented by related companies, which support business partners and extend the company's offer spectrum with logistics or production services. Efficient implementation of collections and quick response to trends is enabled by LUKTEX sewing rooms, strong video and photo production facilities are created by a team of photographers, graphic designers and stylists ESPIR PHOTOGRAPHY, and exemplary functioning of on-line wholesale is ensured by MODONE.COM. The company's range of services also includes logistics and warehousing, which is handled by ESPIR LOGISTICS.

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