The development of the OMBRE stationary sales network is a milestone for the brand. In the last six months, we managed to open 4 stationary stores under the franchise cooperation system. They are located mainly in small and medium-sized towns, directly on the street or in local shopping centres; new shops have appeared in, among others, Zambrów, Międzyrzec, Ryki and Kraśnik.
        Meanwhile, the brand is not slowing down the pace of its international expansion in e-commerce sales. We are diversifying sales channels in order to increase the chance to reach new customers. The maximum synergy of all sales channels will allow OMBRE to gain more and more customers and strengthen its position as a casual clothing brand for men. By the end of the year, further store openings will take place. They will also function under the franchise system, which brings many benefits for both the investors and the brand.

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