Our Team

The team is the foundation of our company. We live at the pace of fashion, production constantly gathering experience and improving purchasing and logistical processes.

The success of ESPIR GLOBAL GROUP is earned by more than 200 employees who form a young, multicultural team of professionals. They represent invaluable potential and an excellent foundation for the further development of the company. Interdepartmental cooperation allows us to broaden our conceptual horizons and successfully implement even the most complex projects.
The key is to think outside the box and go beyond the usual patterns.

Sewing room

A team of professionals full of passion and commitment. Their extensive knowledge and several years of experience put the finishing touches to every garment. They deliberately choose cuts, finishes and technologies to sew the collections of our brands OMBRE, EDOTI and MODONE with the utmost craftsmanship.


A dynamic and creative team, constantly looking for new production challenges. An innovative approach to photography, following trends combined with professionalism brings extraordinary results in the form of photo shoots and video materials. Constantly creative, they meet the most demanding projects.


A team of professionals with outstanding organisational skills. Always fully mobilised in the interests of timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The key to success is several years of experience and openness to new opportunities. Full of passion with good energy, they are ready to meet even the greatest challenges.

Purchasing Department

A team of experts who think outside the box and are passionate about meeting purchasing challenges. They go beyond the usual patterns and use their many years of knowledge to ensure the highest quality of supplier relations. They effectively achieve their objectives by optimising costs and ensuring continuity of production. Motivated, open to development, they are always looking for new solutions.